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Company: MidMarket Capital Advisors, LLC Name: Patrick Hurley Email: phurley@mmadvisors.com Web: www.mmadvisors.com Address: 1629 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 USA Tel: +1 215 875 8201
MidMarket Capital Advisors, LLC serves owners of privately-held businesses on corporate finance, M&A and other financing and ownership-related matters. Patrick Hurley, Managing Director at MidMarket Capital Advisors, tells us how the firm helps its clients achieve their goals and add value to their businesses. MidMarket Capital Advisors is based in the Northeast US, and the business environment there, says Patrick Hurley, MidMarket’s Managing Director, varies by industry and the specific goals of the firm’s clients. “Conditions are generally good and continuing to improve. There remains a relative scarcity of high quality businesses and an abundance of earmarked capital seeking that type of business for investment or acquisition. There is a marked difference between the professional ownership sector and the entrepreneurial owner sector.” The clients the firm serves, Hurley says, are experienced players in the business world. “The clients we serve are sophisticated and have valuable businesses with a wide range of options and alternatives for raising capital as well as planning and implementing ownership transitions or acquiring other companies. We clarify how the markets match with our clients, who are then best prepared to select the course to achieve their goals. “The clients we serve own middle market companies based in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Those businesses range in value from US$25-200m in the following industries: industrial and consumer product manufacturing and distribution; business services; natural resources; and financial services.”
MidMarket adds value to its clients’ businesses by providing information and advice accompanied by an appropriate role in negotiations and management of programs and transactions, Hurley says. “Two currently active US$100m-plus projects both involve US-based businesses with significant European and Latin American manufacturing operations. In one case we are serving as lead financial advisor in the sale of the business which features a complex earn-out structure. The other involves serving a management team of a private equity controlled business. In each case we are helping our clients to exercise care and good judgement through our experience and expertise.” But why would a company seeking financial advice use an external service provider, rather than in-housing the service? “The senior executives of the businesses we serve are highly capable and insightful,” says Hurley. “They know what they want and whether they have adequate internal resources. The services we offer are outside of the normal experience of in-house professionals, and there are many occasions where an independent advisor brings a fresh perspective and current market awareness that is not otherwise available.” Nearly all MidMarket’s opportunities come via referrals from companies who have been happy with its approach, and have found it an easy firm with which to do business, says Hurley. “We have flexible compensation arrangements and the highest accountability for personalised service, delivered by partners who own the firm and we dedicate ourselves to achieving the goals of our clients.” Click here to see full publication: http://www.acquisition-intl.com/index.php/latest-issue-2/2014-back-issues?id=1956#66 Copyright © Acquisition Int. 2014. Registered in England and Wales. No. 07400916. Unit 10 Barton Marina, Barton Turn, Barton Under Needwood, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 8AS.
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